Our project managers are highly skilled, client focused problem solvers who utilise their communication and people skills to drive change forward. Our people work to deliver successful projects, against a background of client operation requirements, risk management constraints and overall strategy. Many of our projects are delivered within occupied, operational and often sensitive sites. Our project managers are expert in planning difficult projects within a constantly changing environment.

We understand and empathise with the disparate needs of project stakeholders and adopt a pro-active, inclusive, hands-on approach to each and every commission delivery. We strongly believe in incentivising the whole team by clearly articulating what is required and the overall project goals. Our project managers are well regarded for their firm, fair approach and for their clear direction, ensuring that all members of the team feel valued and strive to achieve the best possible result.

Our flexible team based approach, our lateral thinking skills, our strong client focus and a communicated clarity of purpose ensure that projects are undertaken successfully, no matter what the challenges presented. Our project managers are actively encouraged to question and constructively criticise at all stages of the project. This constant reappraisal ensures we are flexible and innovative in our delivery. We quickly adapt to changing needs, constantly seek to improve quality and reduce waste and duplication.

All our commissions are project manager led and we take a long-term view of all our client relationships. Our project managers provide a key point of client contact for every project from inception, through design development, project delivery and onwards, post occupation.