Key Information




Pall Mall, London


Commercial; Heritage


Full interdisciplinary team


To complete the full design and project management of the Pall Mall clubhouse swimming pool refurbishment.


We have worked with the Royal Automobile Club since 1999 providing a range of services to meet their requirements. We were responsible for the full refurbishment of the 26.3 metres long swimming pool, originally built in the 1920s the pool is one of only three listed pools in London. We refurbished all the original lights, the variety of fittings in the space included pillar lighting, decorative brass post lighting, pool lighting, chandeliers, concealed ceiling lights, pendant fittings and original 1920 torchiere lights, with an ornate glass flame. A specialist was also employed to repair the cracked marble base of one of the torchiere lights.

The pool is lined with over 15 original columns, all clad with marble. The columns had become rusty and some partially damaged where the pool had leaked water over time. The columns were taken back to bare metal, treated and covered in concrete, the cleaned and repaired marble was then re-positioned back on to the column. To complete this process we appointed specialist cleaners and marble masons to repair the marble. Additionally, the pool was drained to allow cleaning of the marble tiles and remove, repair and replace cracked tiles.