Cost management is at the forefront of all our commissions. Our cost engineers work with an emphasis on value-based thinking and thorough, consistent, realistic and accurate cost planning. As a practice we are committed to achieving best value in all that we do, and adopt a strategic, questioning, pro-active stance in order to achieve this.

Our commitment to thorough market testing ensures that value for money is achieved at all levels. Our surveyors provide expert advice on the right procurement choice for each commission and also on contract selection and resultant risk allocation for each project.

Our cost engineers work with all stakeholders in order to provide early cost certainty and to help clients make informed, rational decisions. Cost management data is constantly reviewed and updated throughout the life of a project to ensure that all understand the financial implications of changes, problems and issues as they occur.

Throughout design and project delivery phases, our cost management engineers adopt a strategy of systematic and rigorous cost control. On each project interdisciplinary value management workshops are held to ensure that our best value ethos is reflected in coordinated, value managed design solutions. We extensively utilise whole life cost data to ensure that our design solutions strike the right balance between capital outlay and revenue costs over the life of a building.

As contract administrators, we ensure that the obligations of the contract are being met efficiently and effectively by all involved in the project. We act quickly, fairly and decisively to resolve any contractual or financial disputes.