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Bucks New University

Client: Bucks New University

Project value: £10M

Completion: December 2009

Bucks New University is a publicly-funded higher education institution providing quality, inclusive and relevant higher education that develops and builds the potential of individuals and organisations alike. Bucks is committed to being a teaching-led university with a portfolio which has academic currency and a vocational and practical focus.

The faculty of Society & Health offer a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that are geared towards the needs of NHS and health workers in the independent sector. This includes professional nursing practice, therapeutic and technical nursing, psychology, criminology and sociology. The University's Strategic Plan 2006-11 sets out a clear vision for the future as a ‘new generation' university.

Our involvement encompassed the design and development of the faculty of Society and Health Uxbridge campus and updating the university's 1950's and 60s teaching accommodation on the High Wycombe campus.