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8 reasons to hire us as your building design consultant

building design consultant

We’ve been creating and transforming buildings since the ’80s, so when you’re next looking to engage a building design consultant, speak to us. Here’s why…

We’re approachable and client-focused

We encourage contribution, ownership and continued re-evaluation from all stakeholders. Our project managers are highly skilled problem solvers who deliver successful projects against a background of operation requirements, risk management constraints and overall strategy. We constantly invite feedback and criticism, and we embrace innovation.

We have 30+ years’ experience

We’ve been building design consultants since 1980 and have completed in excess of 5,600 projects. Canon was our first client and is still with us 36 years on.

We’re truly interdisciplinary

Our in-house architects, surveyors and engineers work collaboratively, sharing knowledge and ideas so we deliver your aspirations, whatever they may be. Our teams design to achieve seamless integration of structure, services and external spaces through continual questioning and refinement.

We’ll see the job through to the end

We’re there for the entire lifecycle of your project from the first seedlings of an idea, through conceptual development, design, procurement, construction and facilities management support. We provide ongoing and comprehensive practical advice at both day-to-day and strategic levels. We are committed to a long-term planned approach to improvements. We assess what you have, what you would like and what does or doesn’t work for you.

We’re experts at cost control

We are committed to achieving best value in all that we do, and adopt a strategic, questioning, pro-active stance in order to achieve this. Our thorough market testing and constant value engineering ensure that value for money is achieved at all levels. We would never compromise future performance for cost, but we constantly question value via cost-benefit analysis, during both design and construction phases of all projects.

We’re generous with resources

We always provide adequate resources to drive projects forward to programme, whatever the challenge. Our services are driven solely by project need and not by our time input.

Our green credentials are top notch

The guiding principle of our practice is to think sustainable first in all that we do. Innovative, low carbon solutions are woven into all our designs – whether we’re building from scratch or improving an existing building.

We put safety first

We are committed to eliminating and reducing risk associated with the construction, operation, maintenance and future adaptation of buildings. We have significant experience planning construction projects within occupied and operational buildings. The health, safety and wellbeing of its occupants are paramount and are never compromised on any project.

We are experts in delivering inspirational spaces. Call us to discuss your project on 01932 850100 or email us.

Written by Bernadette Keane

Bernadette Keane, Social Media Coordinator
Bernadette has over 15 years' experience in marketing communications, mainly as a copywriter working on big brands such as the BBC, Sony Ericsson, Department of Health and Disney. In recent years, she has specialised in social media, specifically content management. She is responsible for designing and implementing DHP’s social media strategy, creating relevant content, blogging, community participation and leadership.

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