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We transform the South Wing at Bucks New University

Further cementing the university's reputation for world-class facilities

We’ve been working with Bucks New University for 10 years supporting their estates department in refurbishment and improvement of campus buildings. In 2013 they asked us to redevelop the South Wing. Armed with £4.5 million and a timeframe of 8 months, we set about creating a state-of-the-art facility.

We replaced all the old windows with highly insulated, heat reflecting, low-e double glazing.

We re-insulated the roof and added solar panels to power the South Wing and part-power another building on campus.

Corridors were transformed. Now they’re bright and inviting with spaces for working on the go and socialising.

An old workshop has become The Room. A flexible, multi-purpose venue for hosting exhibitions, shows, film screenings and music nights.

A former boardroom and disused teaching spaces were converted into a Sports Therapy Teaching Lab and an Advanced Clinical Skills Lab. The latter features an eight-bed hospital ward and there are plans to add a skills training operating theatre and recovery room in the future.

The ground floor is now home to a Sports and Wellbeing Clinic offering assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.

On the first floor we created The Human Performance, Exercise & Wellbeing Centre where sports science students have access to leading edge teaching equipment including a 3-D motion capture system that tracks movement. The same technology used in film to turn actors into digitised characters. Also, a breath-by-breath analyser which works out how much oxygen an athlete uses during exercise to help develop training programmes. And an Olympic-standard lifting programme, used by students to analyse technique to improve power capability and strength of athletes. The platform is reinforced oak and absorbs the bounce if the athlete drops the bar.

Bucks New University’s commitment to providing a world-class teaching environment for its students was recognised recently when the university was shortlisted for ‘Outstanding Estates Team’ in The Times Higher Education Leadership & Management Awards. One of only six universities in the country to make the list.

We have been delivering inspirational spaces for students since 1980. Call us to discuss your project on 01932 850100 or email us.

Written by Bernadette Keane

Bernadette Keane, Social Media Coordinator
Bernadette has over 15 years' experience in marketing communications, mainly as a copywriter working on big brands such as the BBC, Sony Ericsson, Department of Health and Disney. In recent years, she has specialised in social media, specifically content management. She is responsible for designing and implementing DHP’s social media strategy, creating relevant content, blogging, community participation and leadership.

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