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“Summer, summer, summertime. Time to kick back and unwind” Written on 30th July 2019

Not at dhp.

The school holidays have been underway for over a week which means we have moved onto site at many of our educational projects. The summer holidays are a key and busy time of year for us at dhp. With educational clients including 10 local authorities, 150 academies and schools, a number of universities and six diocese, we are constantly striving to deliver projects during times which offer our clients the least disruption.

We work with our clients to develop programmes which are reflective of the environment we are working in, ensuring minimal disruption to the everyday business of the site. dhp has worked with educational organisations since 1980 and are therefore highly experienced and knowledgeable about the requirements and constraints associated with the design and construction of educational buildings.

Our education teams are delivering a range of projects this summer, including extensions, new builds, external works, internal remodelling and roof works. Keep an eye on our social media for construction updates and do not hesitate to get in touch to find out how our teams can support you.


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